About Ayumi and Healing Tiptoes

Ayumi Henderson - Healing Tiptoes Owner

Ayumi Henderson is originally from Japan. She is a certified massage therapist and also Ashiatsu deep bar therapist. Ayumi is currently working on her Saga Body Work Certification. She is also a Self Defense Instructor. Her passion is to teach self-defense to young women and elders. She has trained in taekwondo and she is currently a blue x black stripe belt level and also trained in boxing for 4 years. She also has trained in hapkido which is a Korean Self Defense & Aikijujitsu & martial art Escrima. Ayumi is currently training in Indonesian Silat, Arnis (Filipino Martial Arts) and the Bruce Lee style of Chinese style of martial arts.

Currently she is studying with the Yoga4Love to become a certified yoga instructor and Reiki mindfulness coach.

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